REIVAX pioneered systems integration in 1999 with the release of the first integrated voltage regulator and speed governor: RTVX Power. This solution involves combining these two functions into one single regulator platform.

This solution gives REIVAX a prominent position in the market for Small Hydro Stations by providing high reliability equipment in a compact and optimized package.

REIVAX ´s integrated solution provides the following benefits:

  • Improved efficiency in generation offering the best combination of both control functions.
  • Increased system availability and reliability with fewer components susceptible to failure.
  • Ease of maintenance incorporating diagnostic tools, register of events, and analog and digital signals.
  • Single platform provides commonality of components for both functions.
  • Single HMI for both functions creates intuitive interaction for operators, technicians and engineers.
  • Provides the sharing of I/O signals and a simplified design while reducing number of cables and components.
  • Overall cost reductions in engineering, installation services and commissioning.
  • The most compact solution and with less power consumption.
  • IEC 61131 Programming language.
  • Reduced system outage period due to faster system installation.
  • Better overall benefits for a lower cost.

All our integrated systems are supported by our technical staff from design to field services.
REIVAX´s Integrated system, RTVX Power, is operating in small hydro stations all around the world constantly exceeding our customer’s expectations.

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