REIVAX offers a complete product line for the automation and control of hydro plants. Our product lines include:

RTX POWER –  Excitation Systems – For any size generating station – New excitation systems or Front End Controls Upgrade (see description below) of existing systems.

RTX ENERGY –  Excitation Systems – Streamlined product for small and medium sized generating stations.

RVX POWER –  Speed Governors – New digital governor and hydraulics or partial upgrade re-using existing hydraulics.

RTVAX Power – Combined functions of excitation systems, speed governors and plant Automation – Unit Control with SCADA as well as automation of station functions.

Front End Controls Upgrade: Rather than replace the existing excitation system, the existing cubicle and the power section (bridges, breaker, crowbar, etc, ) can remain and REIVAX will replace the electronic modules and add our intuitive HMI. This applies to any existing system including OEM equipment.

Generator or Turbine OEM: REIVAX can provide an excitation system that operate with any new OEM systems for the generator or turbine.

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