REIVAX has a team of commissioning engineers available 24 hours per day for all 365 days of the year from Montreal, Houston and Atlanta. You may contact a REIVAX engineer for technical support through our toll free telephone number 1-877-7-REIVAX.

REIVAX provides commissioning and technical support for the following systems:


Automatic Voltage Regulators:

  • Speed Governors for hydraulic turbines;
  • Excitation systems for synchronous generators;
  • Excitation Systems for Synchronous motors and synchronous Condensers.


Automation Systems:

  • Automation systems for hydro or thermal plants;
  • Systems for monitoring processes in power generation.


Protection Systems:

  • Programming and commissioning of protection relays;
  • Protection system retrofits;
  • Testing of relays with test boxes;
  • Consulting services for protection settings and analysis of oscillograms;
  • Verification of short circuits.

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