The RTX ENERGY product line is similar to the RTX POWER product line of excitation systems except that it is a more streamlined product used for smaller systems and simpler applications where cost is the highest concern.

The following standard frame sizes exist for the RTX ENERGY product line:

  • Static (200Adc and 400Adc)
  • AVR (20Adc IGBT, 40Adc IGBT or 75Adc thyristor)

The AVR frame sizes are available in fully assembled wall-mounted boxes or as mounting plates that can be installed into existing cabinets.

The RTX ENERGY’s I/O module is comprised of  29DI, 15DO, 6AI, 4AO and three (3) dedicated PT and CT inputs.

Local operator interface occurs through mounted analog meters and switches and a small HMI panel for parameter changes.  It is also possible, as an option, to replace these items with a larger 15” HMI.

We perform the commissioning through our eVision software that can create step responses and change parameters as well as perform additional monitoring functions.

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