Reivax awarded Best Supplier by ENEL Green Power.

REIVAX, a multinational company manufacturing control and automation systems for power generation, was awarded the ... Read More »

Reivax North America Delivers Three More Static Excitation Systems to Tacoma Power

May 2017, Reivax North America delivered three (3) more static excitation systems to Tacoma Power ... Read More »

FortisBC Awards Reivax North America Four Static Excitation Systems

In February 2017, FortisBC awarded Reivax North America a contract to supply four (4) static ... Read More »

Brookfield Renewable Awards its Lois River Excitation System Replacement to Reivax North America

March 2017, Powell River Energy, owned by Brookfield Renewable Energy Group, has awarded the equipment ... Read More »

Yukon Energy Awards its Whitehorse Excitation System Replacement to Reivax North America

December 2016, Yukon Energy awarded the replacement of its Whitehorse 4 static excitation system to ... Read More »

Toshiba America Energy Systems partners with Reivax North America to supply Five Static Excitation Systems to USBR

In August 2016, Toshiba America Energy Systems Corp partnered with Reivax North America to supply five (5) ... Read More »



RTX POWER Excitation Systems

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RVX POWER Speed Governors

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RTVAX POWER – Integrated Voltage Regulator, Speed Governor and Automation

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